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Glamour is shine & confidence


is shine & confidence

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Professional Environment - Amazing support from buidling staff & suite neighbors.

Your Personal Space - You can run your space how you please. Decorate as much as a little as you'd like.

Premium Location - Prime location for all surrounding areas. Quick access to interstate 55.



Glam Unit 350?

Glam Unit 350 Exterior | Glam Unit 350 Salon Suites

The division within the beauty industry can be real!

It sometimes feels impossible to evolve and truly make an impact in our community. By coming together as an industry, we can help uplift each other and support our community through 4 pillars:

1. Partnership
2. Solidarity
3. Economic Development
4. Community Outreach

➢ Social involvement
➢ Community involvement
➢ Financial Education
➢ Sisterhood
➢ Personal and professional development
➢ Networking
➢ Support Group

Glam Unit 350 Salon Suite Benefits:

The mission of Glam Unit 350 is to provide a safe space where women can come together as a sisterhood and share professional advice, stories about obstacles we face in the beauty industry, and ways to evolve in our community as a collective. Glam Unit 350 is a collective of strong entrepreneurial leaders committed to the personal and professional development of its members and to making an impact in its community.

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